Healthcare for All

Every Texan deserves access to quality, affordable health coverage. We have a lot of work to do to make this happen. We start by accepting the $100 billion in federal Medicaid money, helping to provide healthcare to two million Texas families that don’t have it today.

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People should never have to choose between paying for their child’s asthma medicine or affording tonight’s dinner. Healthcare is a human right. I am deeply committed to ensuring everyone has access to the services they need, no matter how much you make.

The foundation of democracy needs to be built on fairness and opportunity. Everyone in our communities; especially the underserved, working families, and immigrants; deserve not only the same chance at a high-quality job, but also the same high-quality healthcare. 

In addition to accepting the $100 billion in federal Medicaid money, I will continue to fight for policies that put our communities’ health and safety before anything else. I fought for this while serving on the Human Services committee, and I will continue to do so in the future. We need to expand coverage to more disabled Texans as well as women with postpartum needs. We should not be cutting funding from Medicaid so it can be redirected to large corporations and private charter schools.

We cannot rebuild our economy without healthy people and communities. Healthcare is a human right.

Investing in Public Schools

Every child should feel like they have a clean, safe school they can go to, but that’s not the reality today. As an educator for over 20 years, I am dedicated to fighting to rebuild and restore our public school systems.

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My mom was always encouraging me to go to school. She taught me the importance of an education and always reminded me how lucky I was to continue learning. Maybe this is because she did not have the chance to learn past the 8th grade. Her one-room schoolhouse did not offer high school-level classes (think “Little House on the Prairie”). But my mom knew that a quality education creates opportunities, and it is because of her that I was lucky enough to receive my entire schooling here in Irving. Now, it is my turn to give back. 

Education is the cornerstone of our communities. Every child should have access to a school and a teacher that makes them feel safe. There should be high-quality education for all children, with enough support for school materials and after school programs. Families should not have to worry about whether or not they have the equipment needed for their children to learn, even if learning has to be done virtually.

We need to restore funding for education and redirect state dollars to better invest in teachers, educators and schools in the public school system. And we need to work to prevent school vouchers, which take away money from public schools. Every child deserves the same quality education.

Fighting for Working Families

Everyone deserves a fair shot at success, especially working families. I will continue to fight hard for them, for us, from better pay to more job skills development programs. I will fight for equal opportunity so everyone can thrive in our economy.

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Many working families in our community are struggling in today’s economy. As a single working mom, a small business owner and a minority with roots deeply grounded in Irving, I know this struggle.

I spent many years as a nonprofit director, overseeing a multitude of programs that help with economic development and small & minority business assistance. I became a lawyer so I could fight for the underserved – for those where the system was failing them.

A friend once reminded me that I helped get his job back, even though his union would not help him because of his race. He told me I listened, and said I wouldn’t stop advocating for him until he got everything he deserved. Today, he is the head of that union. I am just glad to have had the chance to offer the resources and support he needed to succeed.

I will always fight to rebuild Texas’ strong and diverse economy. I will fight for better wages, more jobs, increased access to job skills training, and reducing property taxes so our economy can recover and everyone can begin to thrive again.

Celebrating Diversity

Diversity inclusivity is very important to me – building bridges is not possible without this. As the State Representative of one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the U.S., I am proud to see our community members welcome and support one another, peacefully. I want to inspire all of Texas to do the same.

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House District 105 is a majority-minority district.  About 40 percent of our community is Hispanic-American and another 20 percent is Asian-Indian. Different cultures and nationalities live peacefully together in District 105, and that is something I think the rest of Texas can work to emulate. Texans deserve representation that fights for the rights of everyone. 

But we cannot build bridges if we do not recognize and celebrate the diverse members of our nation. I promise to fight against discrimination in the workplace, in schools, and in every Texan’s day-to-day-life, and champion policies that are inclusive of everyone.

I am here to help every Texan and their families feel welcomed and protected by our community, and I want to inspire all of Texas to do the same. I promise to continue to build bridges and not walls.

Additional Priorities

Criminal Justice Reform

I will work to make the criminal justice system fairer for all. The best way to improve public safety is to be smart, and not just tough, about crime. This means understanding the effectiveness and potential harm of current policies (like no-knock warrants); and removing barriers to work, housing and more for those that have already served their time in prison. I partnered with re-entry programs for previously convicted criminals so they could successfully reintegrate into society and contribute to the workforce. I believe in the power of rehabilitation over punishment.


Access to healthy, clean drinking water is one of the greatest challenges in Texas. As climate change creates more severe and unpredictable weather patterns, it will become even more difficult to ensure everyone has safe drinking water. We must support sustainable and environment-friendly solutions, striking the right balance between energy needs and protecting Texas’ vast natural resources.

I support The Green Texas Act of 2021 to help fight the climate change crisis.

A healthy environment is a human right. When our environment is harmed, so is our health. We need a system that puts our health first, not Big Oil and corporate profits. We call upon our local and state representatives to support the Green Texas Act of 2021–a Green New Deal for Texas.


  1. No later than January 1, 2030, Texas must receive 100% of its energy supply from renewable resources. This will create many good paying jobs.
  2. Demand greater fuel efficiency, including other ways to lower carbon emissions, for all motor vehicles. This will make Texas air cleaner.
  3. Heavily invest in mass transit systems locally, regionally, and statewide. This will ease your morning commute as well as lower our dependence on oil.
  4. Create the Civilian Conservation Corps of Texas, tasking it with reforestation and other natural carbon capture techniques. This will make Texas even more beautiful.
  5. Protect Texas’ natural resources, including water, from over-extraction and abuse, including giving critical ecological resources legal rights. This will protect our common heritage.
  6. Reinvigorate Texas’ regulatory agencies, including the Railroad Commission. This will put the power back to the people.
  7. End all tax exemptions, local and otherwise, for fossil fuel production facilities. This boosts the market for renewable energy.
  8. Create a fund so that rural communities are able to afford recycling programs. This will conserve natural resources.
  9. State-wide ban on single-use plastic products.
Gun Safety

Texans are ready to make the changes necessary to protect our children and each other. I am committed to standing up and fighting against the epidemic of gun violence that plagues us all. Last year, I filed two bills to document the sale of every handgun in Texas and help close the “gun show” loophole. I am committed to ending gun violence and promoting gun safety, including keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and funding gun violence prevention research.

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