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As a fourth- generation Irvingite, HD105 is more than just a hometown to me. My grandparents were farmers. When I was little, we visited them on their farm, which was north of Hwy 183. The front of the farm was on O'Connor Road and it ran back to Carpenter, now MacArthur Blvd. The back half of the family farm was taken to build MacArthur High. My father was a barber and small business owner who worked in 3 different shops on Irving Blvd. I was born in Oak Cliff (but only because there were no hospitals in Irving at the time) then brought home to Jefferson Street.

I attended public school here, graduating from Irving High. It's where I lived while attending UT Arlington, the University of Dallas, and Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, all in Irving. What a wonderful opportunity it was to receive such a great education right here in our community!

Education has always been a passion of mine. I started my adult life as a student teacher at South Grand Prairie High School. I went on to teach at every level from elementary at Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic School to college at North Lake.

I have owned and operated my own law practice since 2000. As a small business owner, I know the hard work and personal sacrifices everyday Texans are making to provide for their families. The Texas Legislature has a moral imperative to work for the hard working Texas men and women, not special interests.

Our community has given me so much; I am privileged to be able to give back. I've worked as a nonprofit Director, overseeing programs in economic development, small & minority business assistance, neighborhood revitalization, historic preservation, workforce development, and job placement. This is the source of my passion for community development and my emphasis on ensuring that all neighborhoods in Grand Prairie and Irving are thriving.

I owe Grand Prairie and Irving, which is why I will be a leader for you- because our community should build bridges, not walls; because we are stronger, together; because that’s real Texas leadership.

-Terry Meza


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Restore Funding for Education

We need an increase teacher pay and to put more state money into our schools to reduce our property taxes. I will fight to stop more public tax dollars going into private and religious schools.


Fight for Working Families

We need to invest in a living wage and job skill training and community college so everyone can succeed in our economy.


Expand Access to Healthcare

We need to accept the $100 billion in federal Medicaid money that would provide health care to two million Texas families and restore the funding for cancer screenings and pregnancy care for low income Texas women and always protect a woman’s right to choose.


Overview & Maps

Situated mid-way between Dallas and Fort Worth and located entirely in Dallas County, Texas House District 105 reflects the rapid growth of west Dallas County. The district is ethnically diverse and contains the most diverse ZIP code in the United States! This rapidly growing and diverse district includes communities in south Irving, central Grand Prairie.

Approximately 70% of District 105 residents live in Irving, and 30% live in Grand Prairie. District 101 is served by both the Irving and Grand Prairie Independent School Districts. Major Fortune 500 companies employ residents in the area in addition to the school districts, universities, as well as many thriving small businesses, including a variety of ethnic markets and eateries.